1 Hour of Best Jim Rohn Advice You Will Ever Hear | Jim Rohn Discipline

1 Hour of Best Jim Rohn Advice You Will Ever Hear | Jim Rohn Discipline

Eleventh Hour Experiences And Exercise

This article follows along with a previous article entitled “The Eleventh Hour”. Here are some examples which a reader presented from his life and the exercise to apply the material in the article.

Focus – Where Do You Want To Be?

I’ve been reading Richard Koch’s “The 80/20 Principle”. Essentially, how to do more with less. Who of us wouldn’t want to have more but do less in order to achieve it? What do you want more of? What do you want less of?

How to Come Up With an Appropriate Goal For Yourself

Ease back and look objectively at your life and determine what you really want is the first thing I would tell a person trying to come up with an appropriate goal for themselves. Other than that, my advice would be in different applicable forms of course: Set a goal you really want and work towards it in every productive and enriching way possible.

The Goal of a Perfect Gift

It was the holiday time of year again, so a short while before Christmas, I was trying to come up with the perfect gift for one of my granddaughters. By perfect, I mean that I wanted the gift to be something practical, as well as something that she would enjoy receiving. Of course, that left out most of the electronic gifts, since I was not too sure which ones she favored the most.

The Required Element in All Goal Creations

Why do we all spend years releasing on a goal, never to see it manifest? Many of us just give up. Releasing doesn’t work on big things. “I am doing it wrong.” “He could do it, but not me.” We have all at least had passing thoughts like this. I know I have. So what is the problem, and more importantly, the solution?

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