10 Best WordPress Plugins for Your WordPress Website in 2023

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Your WordPress Website in 2023

EFT And Your Resolutionary War – Part 2

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an energy based tapping technique that neutralizes your bodies energy system. EFT can help you stay on track with your New Years Resolutions and Goals.

Create What You Really Want This Year

Brand new year and a fresh start. Every day offers us this very same thing, but something about the New Year, the connected combined energy of minds worldwide joining together to claim our hearts’ desires, that puts extra energy behind the newness.

4 Secrets For Setting Goals That Excite And Thrill You (And You Can Reach!)

I love the start of the year. The feeling of completion while looking back at the year that passed, noting my accomplishments and celebrating growth, and then looking forward and being excited to ask myself, what do I really want to create for this year moving forward? It thrills and excites me!

How to Make a Decision for Wealth This Year

Poverty is an issue of the mind, so also are riches. You become poor or rich depending on where you have conditioned or anchored your mind. You fail or succeed first in your mind. As a result, you must condition your mind that you must succeed; otherwise, nothing you build on this shaky foundation will stand.

Definite Chief Aim

Over the span of fourteen years 16,000 people were analyzed and of those ninety-five percent were found to be failures. They were failures because they had failed to happiness and obtaining the necessities of life was a challenge that was almost unbearable. The struggle of those all over the world for a mere existence is common among people who have not learned how to organize and direct their natural talents; they lack a Definite Chief Aim in life. These people are engaged in work they do not like nor enjoy; in some countries they have no choice but to work where they are told. The five percent of people that are successful have jobs they enjoy are able to buy that which they need and want with ease; the reason being they had a purpose with a definite aim in mind, something to achieve and obtain for their efforts.

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