Become Better, Stronger and Smarter | Jim Rohn Discipline

Become Better, Stronger and Smarter | Jim Rohn Discipline

What If I Want to Work on More Than One Goal?

There is no set amount of goals that a person should do.You can, theoretically, work on dozens of goals. The amount is up to you. So, go ahead and work on as many goals as you want, whether simultaneously or one at a time.

Habits – How to Make Them Work for You

Habits – the things we do and say automatically, without thinking – are a very big part of our lives. They show up in our everyday activities (showering, driving, eating)…

Goal Setting For The First Minute Of The Month

Goals are the most powerful modality of achievement. So, all I can say about using power correctly is: “Start now.” For “later” is for every loser that ever lived. Think about this for a moment before you go on with this article.

7 Tips For Setting Goals The Smart Way

The act of setting goals can be a daunting task. It is sometimes hard to figure out where you should start. There are seven keys that make goal setting easier when you use the SMART formula.

New Leaf Prophesies

Turning a new leaf in life is always made easier at the behest of God. Whether we see these as Divine orders or just suggestions for better living is beside the point – opportunity beckons. But so does failure. New Year’s resolutions have an infamy for falling over late January (or even late January 1!).

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