Consistent Self-Discipline is The Key for Success | Jim Rohn Discipline

Consistent Self-Discipline is The Key for Success | Jim Rohn Discipline

The Eleventh Hour

I have found that there is a repeating theme, things that are reliant on something out of my control and must be done by a certain deadline, get done just in time. It generally applies to things in which I had no control, such as something I want to sell. I have to wait until someone wants to buy. I have had this happen on several occasions. For example, I needed to sell something in order to buy a newer model. It has been for sale for four months without receiving any interest. I set a deadline on selling the old model and purchasing the new one. After 4 months without any offers at all, someone bought it today, the day before the deadline.

7 Secrets to Effective Goal Setting

Goals are the routes to success. Every accomplishment begins with a goal, either consciously or unconsciously. Success is never achieved without goals; goals precede success. The realization of every dream is in goal setting.

Understanding And Setting Goals And Objectives: A Primary Strategy For Success In Life

Why does setting and achieving goals and objectives seem to be so difficult sometimes? It is quite likely that the trouble begins in not knowing the difference between goals and objectives to begin with. This article clearly illustrates the difference, and will help make setting and achieving goals a much easier activity.

Reinvention Is Easy When It’s You

Reinvention is something that most people engage in at some time. You have a choice and you need to exercise that choice. Inevitably, there comes a time when reinventing yourself is an option worth exploring. This article explores what you can do.

A Sense of Adventure

I can spot in an instant a child who’s parents have taught them to set reasonable expectations on themselves, to set and work towards a goal. I can tell very quickly which children have a goal, a dream, and those who don’t. If you work with children, I bet you can spot them, too. It’s easy to tell a child who is looking forward to the future, and those that don’t. When a child sets his goals, and works towards it, and then achieves it, they learn that it is their own efforts that will accomplish their goals. You teach a child this, and their chance at a happy life raises exponentially.

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