Do What You Hate and Get Rewarded for it | Jim Rohn Discipline

Do What You Hate and Get Rewarded for it | Jim Rohn Discipline

Change Life Effectively, Understand the Goals

If you are going to change you have to change life styles and patterns too. The most effective way to change life and lifestyles is to set effective goals for you.

Goal Setting for Life

When you finally get your life in hand and begin to set goals you must realize that goal setting is for life. For example if your goal is to achieve financial security then you may reach a dollar amount in a few years but then you must maintain that dollar amount and make it grow so when you reach a specific goal you will need to modify that goal and set a revised goal so that money keeps growing and then your goal becomes a project in motion which must keep growing so that your life goal setting which is…

Do You Need Goal Setting Software?

There are some people who are just perfect at setting goals and can do it easily and even follow through without too much effort. Then there are the rest of the people for whom goal setting is a challenge and one that is very difficult to begin let alone follow through on. For this group of people goal setting software may be their answer.

Goal Setting – 5 Top Tips For Getting Things Done

At various times around the year, particularly during these early months, people always seem to be asking themselves, “How can I better manage my time?” or, “How do I get more work done in less time?” One solution…better Goal Setting.

How to Set Career Related Goals

Long-term career goals can be a bit of a misnomer to the average person. The reality of the shelf-life of most American workers is about 4-5 years at one company. With a range of 7-10 jobs that the average professional worker will have, there has to be a distinction between long-term careers goals and long-term employment.

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