How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

The Key Strategy to Making Your Personal Development Goals Happen

Do you want to make your personal development goals happen like now? Your goals are just a pen a way when you use the strategy of journaling to help you determine, catalog and chart your progress towards your goals.

Definite Chief Aim and Concentration of Effort

Success begins right here, right now, at the very place where you are as you read this! Do not let it pass you buy. Success begins as a struggle and is not a gift that someone gives to you. Success is something YOU work for and earn and something NO ONE can take away from you. Success begins with a definite chief aim, a definite purpose, executed by a organized effort. Nearly everyone has a definite purpose, usually that of money, but it’s not a Definite chief aim backed by organized effort; most people’s definite purpose is nothing more than a dream with not plan backing it. If your definite purpose is vague with no organization and no concentration of effort you are handicapping yourself from the beginning. You need to be crystal clear about your goal, accumulate the knowledge required, organize it, map out a plan on how to accomplish this goal, and put all your effort behind its achievement.

Lack of Purpose

Here is an example of what having a lack of purpose is like: Have you ever watched someone row a rowboat? They sit in the boat back facing the bow (front) of the boat, and with both ores in the water and one in each hand they pull the ores towards their chest and the boat moves forward. To turn the boat only one of the ores is in the water and pulled towards the rower. To row from one side of the lake to the other, where there is a chest of $10,000 waiting, the rower looks over their shoulder, sets their sights on their destination and begins rowing. Occasionally the rower will look over their shoulder to check on their course and if needed will make adjustments so they are still heading towards their destination. The rower keeps this up until they reach the other shore.

Growth and Risk Go Hand in Hand

We all want something more in life. I am convinced that although not everyone aggressively pursues their dreams and passions, there is a seed in all of us that want to do more and that know that there is always a little something to learn, to experience.

Top 10 Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals

We all set goals. It is easy enough. The question is how to make goal setting work for you. In this article you will find 10 tips on setting goals in such a way that they will pull you forwards to your dreams, that you will achieve your goals and not just set them.

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