KNOW YOUR ENEMY | Understanding The Devil – Inspirational & Motivational Video

KNOW YOUR ENEMY | Understanding The Devil – Inspirational & Motivational Video

About Goal Setting Worksheets

Goal setting worksheets are a big essential for every goal setter or productive person. Find out more about goal setting worksheets, and how they can benefit you, here!

Goal Setting: Tips for Achieving Personal Success and Staying on Track

Almost exactly to the day, fifteen years ago, I established a special ritual. It was January 1, 1996 and as I prepared to actually write down my goals for the year, it never occurred to me that this exercise would become a fulfilling rite that motivates me to dream big and better. Peggy’s process helped me develop my focus. Now, it’s my turn to share this process with you. Here we go!

Having Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Use the Tool of Accountability!

Utilize the goal setting tool of accountability. Join with a partner, define expectations, hold one another accountable, and team up to achieve your goals!

AVID Goal Setting and Achieving

If you are looking to set and achieve goals I would like to share our Goal Setting system with you. It is called AVID “av-id Enthusiastic and Vigorous Pursuit” of your Goals. I am sure it will help you with your objectives.

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

You may have started out the year strong with your resolutions, but after a couple of months, your motivation wavers. Here are some common resolutions and the motivation to stick with them.

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