Move From Average to Fortune | Jim Rohn Discipline

Move From Average to Fortune | Jim Rohn Discipline

My Sewing Bucket List

A humorous story of how a wintry night led one fashionista on a long overdue mission to finish sewing a pair of pants. A wintry mix of snow and rain forced me to cancel our monthly fashion sewing group meeting recently. In doing so, I imagined that some people would take advantage of this found time and put the pedal to the metal to whip up something on their sewing machine.

Reaching Your Goals

If your a person who wants to read their goals find yourself reading the entire article. You will not be disappointed.

Amplify Your Strengths With Emotional Intelligence

Juggling the competing priorities of your work and personal lives leaves little time to focus on bettering yourself. Where should you focus your efforts to make the most progress in the limited time you do have?

How Do You Get In Your Own Way?

We all do it in some way. We set some goals for ourselves, especially at the beginning of a new year and then somehow we don’t reach them. Something comes up we say or we are too busy. We make a to-do list for the day or week and for whatever reason the tasks on the list go unfinished. This is about getting in our own way of success and we do it to ourselves, at home and at work.

Achieve Your Goals – A Gameplan for Success

To achieve your goals you need a plan. This articles gives you a game plan for succeeding with your goals.

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