NEUROSCIENTIST Reveals The Long-kept Secret To Happiness | Dr. Andrew Huberman

NEUROSCIENTIST Reveals The Long-kept Secret To Happiness | Dr. Andrew Huberman

Why Your Goal Is to Not Call Them Your Goals

Since the subconscious mind has a tendency to sabotage your goal it is far better to call it a promise to yourself thereby allowing more of ‘your goals’ to succeed. The target is the same no matter what it’s called but the true objective is success.

Resolutions: How to Make This Year Different From the Past

Many of us take time at the beginning of each New Year to review our successes and failures of the previous year and make “resolutions” for the New Year. We want the New Year to be different and better.

Memories Vs Dreams – Where Are You Living?

Sometimes we spend more time re-living our past than planning our future. Memories are to be treasured, but often we get trapped there at the expense of moving towards our destiny.

What to Do When Your Goal Seems Out of Reach

So you say you just can’t achieve your goals. Well before proceeding I want to ask you, do you have your head down and do you quack like a duck and complain all of the time? And do you act like a victim all of the time, well if that is you, please realize no one is going to help you. I believe this philosophy goes deeper than you admit, you are afraid of success.

Goals Setting – How to Set Goals That You Will Actually Achieve

Let’s be honest. There are a heap of goal setting programs and techniques out there. Many of them promise that you will be able to achieve any goal that you set, and that your life will be instantly changed forever. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. In this article we provide several tips that will help you to set relevant goals that you actually have a good chance of achieving.

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