Setting Goals for the Next 12 Months | Jim Rohn Discipline

Setting Goals for the Next 12 Months | Jim Rohn Discipline

How to Come Up With Inspiring Bucket List Ideas

A good bucket list can push you to lead a more exciting and fulfilling life. However, creating one can be overwhelming. There’s so much to experience in the world and only so much time to do it that you might be wondering what ideas you should incorporate into your life list.

How to Believe You Can Achieve Your Big Goals

‘Think big’ is what you hear people say when you’ve got a business idea, going to start a business or even thinking about your future. I think it is a brilliant idea, but thinking big can be hard. This article tells you how you can make thinking big easy.

Life Goals For Moms

Going after your dreams. Living to your fullest potential and striving for excellence in all you do. I discuss this concept routinely. The very essence of removing your shell of guilt, believing that all things are possible, confounding expectations of what a Mom should be, do or have and actively pursuing a life rich in pursuit…

Cures for Procrastination

Are you a procrastinator? Do you always struggle to get things done on time? If you’re one, then I have some strategies that you can use to break your procrastination habit. The first one is to set a clear and measurable goal. Next, you want to set a detailed deadline for that goal. And to make sure you will follow through, you need to set up a strong reward and punishment incentive system. I will discuss each of them in more detail in this article. After reading this article, you should be able to use the tips to start a productive life.

The “I Bought a Boat” Theory of Taking Action One Step at a Time

My first boss and mentor tells a terrific story that illustrates the power of taking action one step at a time. Prior to our work together, he was the general manager of a yacht sales dealer, and his typical customer would purchase new yachts and other boats for $1 million or more. He tells the story this way: One morning, several of the sales people were standing around, and they were having some fun razzing the newest sales person, a young woman who didn’t really fit the part of a wizened “boater” like most of them did.

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