Stop Gambling on The Future, ACT NOW! | Jim Rohn Discipline

Stop Gambling on The Future, ACT NOW! | Jim Rohn Discipline

Finding Out What You Really Want

Everybody wants to find out what she or he really wants in life, and for many people this is a hard task. Some people have no idea what they want, while others want many things at the same time. If you wish to find out what you really want, you need to keep looking for it all your life, since your interests might change over time, and because it is difficult to find, in some cases. You need to constantly watch out for what you love doing, and for what you want for yourself in contrast to what other people want for you.

SMART Goal Setting: Effectively Completing Goals

Goals that are to far out of your reach will be difficult to commit to, so it is important to make sure your goals can be achieved. One way is to make smaller goals inside the larger one, working your way up to the last completion only when you know you can make it. The feeling of success this brings will further motivate you to continue.

Resolutions: Staying on Track

What is it, that is truly motivating you to achieve your goal. More often than not, you have to dig deep to find the motivation to keep on your goal achievement path. Beyond understanding the benefits and consequences, you must take the time to write out your plan. Statistics indicate a much greater success rate of goal achievement, if you have your plan in writing.

Goal Setting Tips I Learned From Mike Litman

Do you struggle to accomplish your dreams? Do you not know what direction you’re heading in with your life? If this describes you, you need to target on setting goals in every area of your lifestyle.

4 Principles to Follow in Setting Goals

There are 4 principles that will help you be more successful when setting goals. First and foremost, goals must be big. Goals must me something you have to strive to attain.

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