TIME FOR CHANGE | New You, New Mindset – Inspirational & Motivational Video

TIME FOR CHANGE | New You, New Mindset – Inspirational & Motivational Video

Why You Do Not Remain Focused on Your Home Based Business

So why don’t you remain focused on what you have planned. You say to yourself, I can easily make ten telephone calls every day relative to my home based business. You start out like house on fire and then before you know it a week will pass by and you have not even made two calls let alone ten. You ask yourself why did that happen? So you start the process all over again and you fail again, does that sound like you?

Keys To Decision Making For Everything In Life

This article summarizes different ways you can take crucial decisions into one simple and easy method. How you can take quick and accurate decision with the acronym, “P-A-L-D”.

Setting Financial Goals the Right Way – Make Progress to Financial Freedom

Financial goals, like any goals, are elusive for many people. Why do many of us fail at reaching our goals? One of the keys to financial freedom is setting and reaching our goals.

The Eve Of Production As Opposed To The Eve Of Destruction

We have to ask ourselves a question about the year 2012 or even 2011: What happens after the eve of destruction comes and passes? It will be a time to earn, a time to produce and not wonder what happened, but do our thing better than we did it before. Because the mind is the requirement to destroy or create, it is entirely our choice. Here is what I mean:

How to Find an Extra Hour Each Day to Achieve Your Goals

Goals setting, like anything worthwhile, requires a significant proportion of your time. Sometimes finding that time can be difficult. Sometimes it can seem almost impossible. The fact is that everyone has the same amount of days in a year, hours in a day, minutes in a hour and seconds in a minute. The difference is how people use this time. This article provides you with tips for how to find an extra hour in each day.

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