Why Hard Working People Fail | Jim Rohn Discipline

Why Hard Working People Fail | Jim Rohn Discipline

Goal Setting Tricks to Transform Your Day

Setting goals is a necessity if you want to be successful and want to achieve things. There is so much said and written about goals, it’s sometimes hard to know what you should pay attention to and what you should ignore.

Top 5 Reasons Why Money Should Not Be Your Goal

People are always setting goals trying to become better and achieve more. Find out why you shouldn’t set a goal for receiving a certain amount of money.

Goal Achievement – 3 Ways to Persevere Until You Hit Your Goals

It takes time to hit your goals. You may face many setbacks along the way but you must never quit if you want to eventually succeed. This article shows you how to gain perseverance.

I Don’t Set Goals Anymore

Do you have goals? I used to have them too, but now I found out that there’s something much more powerful than goals. Do you know what it is?

Map Your Treasures

This article talks about how and what you can do to help the visual process of any goal or destination you want to accomplish. It is not a fancy procedure, some people have a hard time visualizing so having pictures and putting the energy in doing the work helps some to focus on their desires.

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