Why Most People Never Reach Their Goals | Jim Rohn Discipline

Why Most People Never Reach Their Goals | Jim Rohn Discipline

The Importance of Tenacity

Tenacity is what gives us the edge. It’s what keeps us going when times are tough. When others decide to quit the tenacious person keeps on and learns a great deal from the experience. Read about the importance of tenacity.

20 Ways to Shape Your Life

These are 20 great ways to improve your life. They cover different topics. They will all lower your stress level.

Moving In On What You Want And Keeping It

The mind is a logical dynamo when used right, especially when considering that it can run your whole body as well as achieve your cherished goals in its own time. I am speaking of the productively used subconscious mind.

What Is Keeping You Back From Achieving Your Success?

I wanted to talk about this topic because I was just on a call this morning that really made me think about a few things. It was almost like an eye opener. Wait… it was an eye opener.

Are You Focused on Your Goals?

Do you have trouble staying focused or dedicated to your goals? I’m talking any kind of goal. It could be weight loss, exercising regularly, being prompt for work, not procrastinating, any kind of self improvement.

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