3 Best Web Hosting Providers for WordPress

3 Best Web Hosting Providers for WordPress

Changing Lanes On The Road Of Life

Our life is like a travel on the road. There are lanes we travel straight ahead, and there are events that test our courage whether we must change lane or break the obstacle.

Why ‘I Before E’ Is Wrong For Goal Achievement!

If I said to you ‘i before e’, I would expect you to respond with a resounding ‘except after c’. An interesting theory is that you would be wrong, so read on to find out how I think this affects goal achievement…

Who Invented New Year’s Resolutions?

Find out who invented New Year’s resolutions. The 1st of January is known to be the start of a new year of a new calendar. Whenever the day approaches, people would look back at their life for the past year and think about what they could do better in or achieve the following year.

How Many of You Realize That Impossible Is Only a Word?

Everybody, at some point in time of their life, has thought of becoming someone special, someone important. Who hasn’t dreamed of being the hero of a hockey game scoring the winning goal or hitting the winning home run in a baseball game? Who has never dreamed of becoming the homecoming queen?

Goal Setting For Life Tips To Achieve Your Dreams

Goal setting is a quintessential step in achieving one’s dream in life. By setting your goals, you’ll have a clear picture of what you want accomplish and how you will attain it. It will give you a well-defined process on what you need to do to avoid failure and guarantee success. Goal setting for life should be done in a smart way.

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