Understanding Web Hosting: What it is and Why it’s Important

Understanding Web Hosting: What it is and Why it's Important


Faith Is More Than Belief, It Takes Work Too

Do you have “faith” that you will reach your goals and dreams? If so, are you applying the work needed to make them a reality?

Setting Impossible Goals

Setting Impossible goals seems to be the in-thing to do. Run a marathon this year (though you’ve never run in your life); make $1 million dollars (though your current income is only at $40,000/year); set up my own home-business/website (though you have no knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship or web designing skills).

How to Set SMART Goals

If you have been studying goals setting for even a short amount of time, you will have no doubt come across the term SMART goals. While they are discussed by experts and those in the know as been a great idea, there is often very little information on what SMART goals actually are. In this article we provide some background.

The Drawbacks of Setting Goals

It may seem difficult to imagine that there are drawbacks to setting goals but certainly, it’s understandable that just as there is a good side to all things, there is also a negative or downside to all things. Even setting goals.

Making Your Offline and Online Goals a Reality

We set ourselves goals throughout our lives – whether its daily goals, chore lists, emotional or personal, business related, written or online goals (via social media etc) – we cannot avoid goals. They are a great tool for motivation too. However, if you don’t use them correctly, they can also be a great source of frustration!

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