Why Only 2% of People Achieve Their Goals | Jim Rohn

Why Only 2% of People Achieve Their Goals | Jim Rohn

How to Keep Your Momentum Going With Your Goal Setting

Keeping your momentum going is key to being successful at goal setting. If you let your momentum stop, and become unmotivated, your chances of achieving your goal, especially on time, will be greatly reduced. In this article we provide you with tips to help heel your momentum going.

High Gear

When I say the words “high gear,” I mean positivity even when things seem to be down and positivity when things are good also. For that is the genuine power of faith, and working toward goals in the deepest sense. When you do not go by appearances, and go deeply by your goal oriented vision.

Learning to Cope With Rejection and the Word No From a Psychotherapist’s ‘Inner Child’ Perspective

When we feel rejected it impacts on our sense of self-worth, which can impact on confidence and self esteem, causing our enthusiasm and motivation to plummet. No one wants to be rejected, but there are ways you can help yourself to reduce the negative feelings associated with rejection. Some people hear the word ‘no’ as a personal rejection rather than no to an idea or suggestion.

Setting Goals By Utilizing Mind Over Matter Success Conditioning

Many people don’t have goals; as a matter of fact 70% of people don’t make an effort to have goals, while 25% of people have goals but don’t write them down. Nonetheless, the 5% who have goals and write them down achieve more than the 95% combined.

The Correct Method for Setting and Achieving Goals

Learn the correct methods to creating, setting and accomplishing your goals. Goals that are specific, measurable, realistic, attainable and that have deadlines are more likely to be achieved that those that don’t.

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